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đź’ż SINGLE MJ Ultra – Moonlight

MJ Ultra debuts an undeniably sexy, soul-infused R&B track with « Moonlight, » due out on April 8th, 2020. The alternative-R&B singer-songwriter has accomplished a string of successes over the past few years, including multiple music placements and a successful European tour in support of his independent debut album, « Ocean Drive. » His music has been featured on Dancing With The Stars and America’s Got Talent, and his collaboration with Barcelona-based DJ duo, Boxinlion, has garnered over 50 million streams worldwide.

Additionally, he’s scored numerous original songs for film and television, including tracks for Universal Pictures « Bring It On: Worldwide, » Justin Timberlake’s « Friends With Benefits, » and Kevin James’ « Here Comes the Boom. » With the release of his newest single, « Moonlight, » off his upcoming EP due out later this year, MJ Ultra defines himself as an R&B talent that will only continue to rise.

The sultry, seductive sounds of « Moonlight » creates an atmosphere ripe for candlelit nights under the moonlight. Awash in a sleek, smooth melody, MJ Ultra’s vocals sway effortlessly to the beat of the rhythm, like a yearning slow dance with the one you love. The perfect backdrop to a lover’s night in, this ode to the feminine uses ancient themes to praise the beauty of the female form.

The track reverberates a heated sensuality that billows with each rhythmic bump and grind, the perfect track to add to that lover’s playlist. The neo-classic R&B single shines a spotlight on MJ Ultra’s undeniable talents as both a soulful vocalist and a talented songwriter.



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Music is not a virus! Admittedly, it contaminates you with the melody, the lyrics, but it can be bought, discovered, hummed, tickles the hollow of your ear, is released on your lips …

Think of the artists, they illuminate your daily life and feed the memory of pretty refrains which will become memories.


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